How to get budgie to enjoy leaving the cage?

This really just comes down to having toys and snacks (like millet) they like outside of their cage. And giving them time to consider wanting to hang out outside the cage as well.

Mine would stay in her cage for weeks at first if I let her. I would leave the cage open for her, and for awhile nothing would happen. But what I did was buy a bunch of craft things and made a few (very simple) toys and she was interacting with them. So I got some stuff around the room for her to check out, I put a rope perch near the window so she can look out it with ease, and lately she’s flapping her wings at me when she wants out, which happens several times a day now. But when shes not checking out something I did (if she does check it out) or sitting at the window, she just stays in her cage.

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