Are budgies loud?

I own one budgie, and she does chirp and squawk. Most times a little, but sometimes a lot. Based on my experience with her, I would say budgies are much quieter than many other bird species. Budgies are very curious little fellas, and can be very social as well, so while they are checking stuff out, or just having fun, they do tend to make some noise. They make a variety of sounds that can mean a variety of things. All budgies are different, they have very unique personalities. Some might be louder than others, some more vocal and others less talkative.

However, when you get multiple budgies together, the amount of noise they make increases exponentially. If you’ve ever walked by the parakeet cages in a pet store, you’d know what I mean. So if you plan on having more than one budgie, plan for more noise.

One of the loudest noises a budgie will make is a high-pitched chirp called a “contact call”. They usually do this when they are feeling lonely and want to know where you are. Another loud sound budgies make is a harsh squawking sort of sound, usually several in a row. Sometimes they do this in response to something that made them angry (especially towards another budgie), but they also might make this sound for attention, or when feeling excited.

Of course, not all of their noises are loud or annoying. Depending on the budgie’s mood and personality, they may make a number of gentle, cute, warbling and musical sounds that are pleasant to hear.

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